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Welcome to the Policy Issues Section

Policy issues that impact the baking industry may include government regulations, government/international guidelines, food production issues, and nutrition/nutrient information. The section provides brief information on policy topics of interest to members of the Baking Association of Canada.


  • Adventitious presence of allergens (click here
  • Use of precautionary statements
    • Mustard Allergy Thresholds (click here)
    • The Baking Industry's Response to the Food Allergen Cross Contamination Challenge 2010 (click here)
    • BAC precautionary Labelling Submission 2010 (click here)

Canadian Food Inspection

  • CFIA Regulatory Modernization (click here)

  • Presentations from Bakery Showcase 2014

                    Food Program Framework (click here)

                    Regulatory Modernization (click here)

Food and Nutrition Labelling

  • Food Labelling Modernization (TBD)

  • Proposed Nutrition Labelling Changes (TBD)


Ingredients and Flavours


Nutrients of Concern

  • Gluten and Gliadin (TBD)


  • Sodium

                      Health Canada's Guiding Benchmark Sodium Reduction Levels
                                for Bakery Products (click here)

                      Baking Industry Success and Challenges in Sodium Reduction (click here)

  • Sugar
                High Fructose Corn Syrup (click here)

  •  Trans fat
                Trans fat fact sheet (click here)
                 Trans fat levels in the marketplace (click here)

Nutrition and Wellness


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